Ferdinand Macagba

Hi, I’m Ferdinand Macagba,

Your average working man, with my wife, Luzz and my son Jon. I’ve been in the online marketing industry for a while now. Approximately 8 years and counting. I’ve been able to make thousands through affiliate marketing as well as Amazon FBA. The reason I was able to do these things was through the courses I’ve been through over the years, and of course trial and error. All of this in addition to my full time job to increase my income overall. I’m no different to the average dad out there, who wants to make extra income for my family, which is why I started my online journey years ago. Due to the successes I’ve been able reap for myself and my family, I’d like to help others do the same. Which is why, June 2019, I decided to start this website, dedicated in helping people on their online journey. 

When I first started, I found it a struggle to know where to start, I didn’t know what to do, clueless on how to approach online marketing. I then came to the realization, that I can’t keep procrastinating, I have to start somewhere, anywhere. That’s when I stumbled across affiliate marketing and through a lot of trial and error, I was able to create several different websites, generating hundreds then thousands of £ per month. More recently, I started to tinker with Amazon FBA, and the same with affiliate marketing, I went through different programs, until it finally clicked. I was able to move houses, as a result, and son, specially my wife was really pleased.

Why do I share my story? I want the same success to happen to you and your family, as mentioned, this is why I’m creating this website. So I can bring you the tools that I used that works today, so you don’t have go through the hassle of finding them yourself. At least half the work is done for you. I’ve learned the hard way that not all online programs out there are the most ideal for online marketing, and I want to help you avoid them.

This is my mission, to give back and help you on your journey. 

If you’re up for the challenge and want the guidance you deserve, feel free to opt in with your details, and get my FREE e-book as a self starter guide. Let me help you jump start your journey today.